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Lydia Asiimwe of CAMTech Uganda discusses EcoSmart Pads

This is Uganda interviews Lydia Asiimwe of CAMTech Uganda about the design of EcoSmart Pads, a product accelerated in the CAMTech Uganda Co-Creation Lab that uses sugarcane as an affordable, eco-friendly sanitary pad. “I silently concluded that this form of menstrual management was the source of Kyomuhendo’s pain and I was determined to do something about it.” Read more.

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Dr. Kristian Olson and Dr. Data Santorino join panel at UN General Assembly

Participating at the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Kristian Olson and Dr. Data Santorino joined a panel discussion on innovations to improve neonatal and maternal health during the Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) Innovation Marketplace and Private Sector Lunch. “Every year, about 1.8 million families end pregnancy in a sad situation because 1.8 million babies will die just because they are not helped to breathe at birth. Our innovation is designed to empower health workers so that they can effectively help babies breath at the time of birth.” Read more.

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Team Kangaroo+ device highlighted by EnStartup

EnStartup discusses Kangaroo+, a low-cost neonate jacket that warms and monitors the vitals of babies, and spotlights the team’s win at the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon. “Kangaroo+ will extend the quality of neonatal health from the hospital setting to impact in community. The jackets allow for mothers to take care of their vulnerable babies in the comfort of their homes while being remotely monitored.” Read more.

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Nuriat Nambogo joins ICT Innovations Support Programme Selection Committee

Nuriat Nambogo, CAMTech Uganda Research and Grants Development Officer, recently joined the ICT Innovations Support Programme Selection Committee. The Committee seeks to identify and support youthful innovators in Uganda. “The innovations must demonstrate ability to solve an existing problem.” Read more.

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CAMTech’s director joins Global Health Strategies panel in Bengaluru, India 

The New Indian Express profiles “Innovation in healthcare and how it can facilitate access and equity,” a Global Health Strategies event in Bengaluru, India. CAMTech’s Director, Dr. Kristian Olson, and other panelists discussed changing the media’s approach to covering healthcare news. Read more.


Augmented Infant Resuscitator award highlighted by Uganda’s EnStartup 

EnStartup covers the Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) device’s win from the Saving Lives at Birth 2017 DevelopmentXChange. “Around 1.8M newborns die annually from breathing problems. Most of them could be saved if birth attendants had the right skills and equipment to give newborns timely and effective ventilation.” Read more.


EnStartup spotlights $10,000 in funding through CAMTech Uganda Accelerator Program 

Uganda-based En Startup, which publishes the latest breaking news on the technology startup ecosystem, highlights the recently launched CAMTech Uganda Accelerator Program. A partnership between Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health, the CAMTech Uganda Accelerator Program offers up to $10,000 in milestone based funding. Read more.


Team Kangaroo+ and their innovation featured in The East African 

Everlyn Lirri of The East African discusses the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon at Mbarara University of Science & Technology and highlights Team Kangaroo+, the grand prize winners. “They had 48 hours to come up with an idea, pitch it before a panel of judges and turn it into a prototype that could potentially improve neonatal and maternal health in poor countries.” Read more.

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August 2017 CAMTech Pulse

This month’s edition of the CAMTech Pulse announces winners of the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon, shares a profile of the AIR device in the GBCHealth newsletter, highlights the CAMTech Uganda Accelerator Program, gives updates of the CAMTech team’s Fall 2017 plans and offers network news and opportunities. Read more.

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First Mile Innovation Challenge winners interviewed in The Hindu Business Line

Sisu Global Health, winners of the First Mile Innovation Challenge with GE Sustainable Healthcare, discuss the Hemaufse, the Indian marketplace and the medtech space in developing countries in The Hindu Business Line. “The biggest challenge we face is that 80 per cent of the world’s medical devices are designed for 10 per cent of the world’s population.” Read more.

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New Vision spotlights 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon  

Hope Mafaranga of New Vision shares stories of Team Kangaroo+, the grand prize winners, and discusses partnerships between Mbarara University of Science & Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health. “The time is now.” Read more.

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New Vision highlights Ugandan government’s commitment to medtech innovation

Abdusakim Ssengendo and Hope Mafaranga examine the Ugandan government’s investment in medical technology innovation, profile the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon and announce the grand prize winners. Read more.


Uganda’s Minister for ICT reflects on attending 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon

In his reflection published in New Vision, Frank Tumwebaze, Uganda’s Minister for ICT, discusses the 2017 CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon and emphasizes his government’s commitment to affordable medical technology innovation. “I am happy that the innovations pitched here all had a problem targeted to solve and also demonstrated its business model for sustainability.” Read more.


MedTech Boston publishes part three in series covering CAMTech Uganda Hack-a-thon

Amy Pollard of MedTech Boston publishes part three in her series and announces Kangaroo+, winners of the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon. “This is the result of a combined effort. We’ve all worked together to achieve this.” Read more.


MedTech Boston publishes part two in series covering CAMTech Uganda Hack-a-thon

Amy Pollard of MedTech Boston publishes part two in her series while reporting on the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon: Innovating to Improve Neonatal and Maternal Health. Pollard interviews Dr. Data Santorino, CAMTech Uganda Country Manager, and innovators during day two of the hack-a-thon.“Go and make companies that will sustain you and change lives.” Read more.

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Science and technology journalist reports on neonatal and maternal health hack-a-thon

On her blog, Uganda ScieGirl, freelance science and technology journalist Esther Nakkazi covers the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon. “It all starts with an idea in your head. You are an innovator. It can be anyone because anyone can be an innovator.” Read more.

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MedTech Boston publishes part one in series covering CAMTech Uganda Hack-a-thon

Amy Pollard of MedTech Boston tours the Itojo Hospital during a Clinical Summit Visit at the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon. “Also discussed was men’s role in supporting women seeking maternal and neonatal care.” Read more.

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MGH Hotline Online features 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon

Massachusetts General Hospital profiled MGH Global Health’s work in Uganda and partnerships with Mbarara University of Science and Technology. In the August 18th edition of Hotline Online, MGH highlights the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon: Innovating to Improve Neonatal and Maternal health. Read more.


GBCHealth features the Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) in Innovations in Global Health

After receiving a Transition-to-Scale Grant from Saving Lives at Birth during the 2017 DevelopmentXChange, GBCHealth profiles the Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR). “At birth, seconds matter for survival, and the AIR device is helping birth attendants gain those precious seconds.” Read more.

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Three CAMTech-supported teams receive awards from Saving Lives at Birth

Among 550 applicants, Saving Lives at Birth awarded three CAMTech-supported teams funding during the 2017 DevelopmentXChange in Washington, D.C after a rigorous review process and competition. Sisu Global Health accepted a Validation Award and both Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Bempu Private Health Limited accepted a Transition-to-Scale Award. Read more.

July 2017 CAMTech Pulse

This edition of the CAMTech Pulse shares news of the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon, features our Viewpoint article in Public Health Post, announces an upcoming webinar, profiles the CAMTech Accelerator Program after CAMTech-X and highlights a TEDx Talk from Lattice Innovations. Read more.


CAMTech on innovative medical technology’s impact for Public Health Post

Dr. Kristian Olson, CAMTech Director, discusses healthcare hack-a-thons, the gender gap in medtech and multidisciplinary collaboration in his Viewpoint article for Public Health Post. “We already see that hack-a-thons help build the medtech ecosystem when we systematically measure the impact.” Read more.

June 2017 CAMTech Pulse

This edition of the CAMTech Pulse shares news of the CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon grand prize winner, highlights Jana Care and the CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP), announces the 5th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon, and features Sisu Global Health. Read more.


MedTech Boston profiles Simple CPAP prototype

Dr. Ryan Carroll of Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health featured in MedTech Boston’s profile of the Simple CPAP, a low-cost medical device targeting populations in India and Uganda. Carroll partners with Soura Bhattacharyya of Lattice Innovations and Dr. Data Santorino of CAMTech Uganda. Read more.

CAMTech presents Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) at World Health Assembly

During the 70th World Health Assembly’s Innovating for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health dinner, CAMTech Director Dr. Kris Olson and CAMTech Uganda Country Manager Dr. Data Santorino presented CAMTech innovations, including the Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR). Read more.

We Are Allies featured in MedTech Boston

Dr. Kris Olson and Sergeant Stephen Mandile talk to MedTech Boston about the continued progress and impact that their naloxone response cases are having throughout Boston. Read more.

May 2017 CAMTech Pulse

Our latest newsletter features the First Mile Innovation Challenge winners, CAMTech-X: Final Demo Day, the next webinar and a look at CAMTech’s work around the world this month! Read more.

Congratulations to the First Mile Innovation Challenge Winners!

CAMTech and GE Healthcare announce Sisu Global Health as the $25k award winners. Read more.

Happy Spring from the CAMTech Pulse!

Check out the March edition of the CAMTech Pulse, including highlights from CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon, CAMTech Blog and sign-up for our next webinar! Read more.

Insights from CAMTech’s Multi-City Hack-a-thon

India’s YourStory writes about attending one of five CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon events! Read more.

Business Standard covers CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon

Check out the CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon recap featured in India’s Business Standard! Read more.

CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon convenes India’s brightest minds to improve healthcare for country’s urban poor

Innovators tackle infant health, air pollution and more at India’s largest multi-city healthcare hack-a-thonRead more.

Anouncing CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon!

CAMTech hosts India’s first multi-city hack-a-thon tackling healthcare for the urban poor. Read more.

Opioid Hack-a-thon featured in  Addiction Now

Dr. Kris Olson and the GE Foundation’s Jennifer Edwards talk to Addiction Now about the Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon.  Read more.

January 2017 CAMTech Pulse!

Happy New Year from the CAMTech Pulse! We’re covering our latest trip to India for CAMTech-X: Jugaadathon, the Opioid Post-Hack-a-thon Presentations and news from our partner networks! Read more.

GEMs Boxes wins $10k progress prize from Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon

CAMTech and the GE Foundation awarded $10k to the team behind GEMs Boxes, a life-saving supply kiosk for people suffering opioid overdoses during the Opioid Epidemic Post Hack-a-thon Award Presentations. Read more.

Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon Team Receives Startup Funding

Yostra Labs Pvt Ltd, who created a diagnostic tool for diabetic peripheral neuropathy called Sparsh at the Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon, secured funding from the Marico Innovation Foundation and social enterprise incubator Villgo. Read more.

Thanks for a great 2016!

It’s been a fantastic year, and we’ve rounded up our favorite moments, plus what’s to come in 2017, in the year-end CAMTech Pulse! Read more.

Hackathon Generates New Plan to Reduce Deadly Opiate Overdoses

MGH Research Institute interviews members of the We Are Allies team from the Opioid Hack-a-thon about their winning innovation. Read more.

Lessons from a Public Health Hack-a-thon

Elizabeth Bailey and leaders from the Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon speak to MeetingsNet about the versatility and benefits of the hack-a-thon model. Read more.

New Opportunities and Post-Hack Awards in the CAMTech Pulse!

The November edition of The CAMTech Pulse announces the First Mile Innovation Challenge, CAMTech-X: Ambassador applications and updates on post-hack awards. Read more!

Check out the October CAMTech Pulse!

The October edition of The CAMTech Pulse features two new videos, CIP updates and a recap of some of the great press from the past two months. Read more!

Opioid Hack Winners featured on NPR

Scott Strode and Aubri Esthers talk to Robin Young from NPR’s Here and Now about their winning innovations from the Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon. Listen now!

The Daily Free Press reports on Opioid Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon

Boston University’s daily newspaper interviews speakers, mentors and participants from the Opioid Epidemic events. Read more.

Opioid Hack Teams Featured in The Reporter

Read interviews with three teams from the event, including Anti-Stigma Award winner, Team Ally. Read More

GE Foundation and CAMTech in Healthcare DIVE

Washington’s daily healthcare industry news source reports about the Opioid Hack-a-thon . Read More.

Hacking the National Opioid Epidemic – Diverse Solutions to a Complex Crisis

MedTech Boston covers the Opioid Hack-a-thon and talks to teams participating in the event. Read More

Boston Business Journal Reports on Opioid Hack Winners

The BBJ recaps the winners at the Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon and highlights post-hack awards and the CIP!  Read More

Hacking A Solution To Boston’s Opioid Crisis

WBUR reports on the Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon and the different teams participating during the event. Read More

Hack-a-thon yields ideas to combat opioid crisis

Check out this feature from The Boston Globe on the Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon! Read More.

Mobile treatment and alerts, anti-stigma innovations among top winners at Opioid Epidemic Hack-a-thon

As the opioid addiction crisis continues to escalate across Massachusetts and the U.S., the GE Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Global Health convened over 220 global health innovators and experts at District Hall in Boston at the Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit Hack-a-thon. Read More

GE Foundation and MGH To Host Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon

Clinicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, students and others to develop new technologies and solutions that address prevention, treatment and recovery for opioid use disorders. Read More

CAMTech Uganda Global Surgery Hack featured in New Vision

Uganda’s leading daily newsletter reports on the CAMTech Uganda Global Surgery Hack-a-thon in Mbarara. Read More

 CAMTech UGANDA Global Surgery Hack-a-thon

International innovation competition builds mobile applications for trauma, tools to diagnose high-risk pregnancy in the community, and low-cost sterilization techniques.  Read More

Opioid Hack-a-thon featured in The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe reports on the teams and innovations from the Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon.  Read More

The First Mile of Care

CAMTech and GE Healthcare Sustainable Healthcare Solutions discuss the First Mile Discovery Challenge on GE Healthcare’s blog, The PulseRead More

First Mile Challenge featured in Economic Times

The Economic Times of India features CAMTech and GE Healthcare’s First Mile Discovery Challenge. Read More

Elizabeth Bailey guest blogs for IADB

CAMTech Director Elizabeth Bailey writes a featured blog for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) about the Zika Innovation Hack-a-thon and the event winners. Read More

Grand Challenges Canada and CAMTech Support Innovations Addressing Zika

CAMTech and Grand Challenges Canada, funded by the Government of Canada, are pleased to announce the award nominees of the Zika Innovation Awards – six prizes of $25,000 (CAD) each that will accelerate the development and commercialization of innovations addressing the Zika public health crisis. The award nominees were announced at the Global Health Security Agenda Private Sector Roundtable, a side event at the World Health Assembly. Read More

News from the CAMTech Pulse!

Zika Innovation Hack-a-thon recap, GCC Innovation Awards, Global Surgery Hack-a-thon applications and more. Check out the May edition of the CAMTech Pulse! Read More

Hack-a-thon at MGH Yields Innovations to Address Zika

In the face of the Zika public health crisis, more than 150 global health experts and innovators came together April 2-3, 2016 at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for a Zika Innovation Hack-a-thon to develop new solutions to address the spread of the Zika virus and related outbreaks. Read More

Dr. Kris Olson discusses CAMTech INDIA’s work on ETHealthworld

Watch this video from featuring CAMTech’s Medical Director, Dr. Kris Olson, talking about CAMTech INDIA’s diabetes initiative and other healthcare challenges in India.

Hacking the Zika Problem

Over the weekend, more than 100 clinicians, designers, engineers and public health experts gathered at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to present creative solutions to the challenges facing the dozens of countries currently fighting the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Fifteen multi-disciplinary teams presented a range of projects, from a children’s game designed to help eliminate mosquito breeding sites, to new Zika testing methods and an automated larvicide dispenser for water storage containers. Read more from Undark Magazine

Hacking Zika: Solving for an international threat

It’s Sunday morning at MGH’s Richard B. Simches Research Center, where small groups sit huddled around laptops and empty coffee cups, bleary-eyed from a late night of working to address the public health threat that has dominated headlines for the past three months. It’s only a matter of hours before the two-day Zika hackathon hosted by MGH and CAMTech comes to a close . . . Read more from MedTech Boston

News from the CAMTech Pulse!

Zika Hack, CIP news, Global Cancer Hack video and more – check out the April CAMTech Pulse! Read more

Team Fever Finder Featured in MedTechBoston

This past weekend, The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) hosted a Global Cancer Innovation Hackathon at Massaschusetts General Hospital. Over a period of 48-hours, clinicians, engineers and entrepreneurs collaborated to develop affordable medical technology solutions to address cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in low and middle-income countries. Read More

Hack-a-thon Spurs Innovation for Global Cancer Care

More than 180 global health experts and innovators came together last month to develop affordable medical technologies to address the global cancer burden. Organized by CAMTech,Global Oncology (GO) and the MGH Cancer Center, the Global Cancer Innovation Hack-a-thon convened students, healthcare providers, non-profits, clinical organizations and industry partners for an opportunity that encouraged shared value around one main goal: improving the lives of cancer patients around the world. Read More

CAMTech featured on Radio Rounds

Radio Rounds talks to Elizabeth Bailey and Dr. Kris Olson about Cancer Care through Co-Creation. Listen here

Dr. Kris Olson on Powerful Patient

Powerful Patient interviews Dr. Kris Olson about CAMTech and the Global Cancer Innovation Hack-a-thon. Listen here

Dr. Kris Olson in

Dr. Kris Olson talks to about balancing his many roles as clinician, family man and bee-keeping! How this MGH doctor balances patients at home and medical innovation abroad. Read more

CAMTech & GO blog for MassBio

Pretend for a moment that you are a doctor working in a resource-limited country. When one of your patients complains of throat pain, you discover a tumor within his vocal cords. In order to treat the cancer, you’ll have to remove his larynx (the organ that allows him to speak and breathe). The surgery is successful, but the patient will need radiation therapy in order to stay cancer-free. The problem? In your country, he will likely wait six months or more for treatment. Read more

News from the CAMTech Pulse!

January event re-cap, CIP updates and more – the February Pulse is all new!

Read more

CAMTech INDIA Entrepreneur Bootcamp Helps Innovators Turn Life-Saving Technologies into Reality

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health in partnership with InnAccel hosted the CAMTech INDIA Entrepreneur Bootcamp last week in Bengaluru.

Read more

News from the CAMTech Pulse!

The December issue of the CAMTech Pulse is a great wrap-up of 2015!

Read more

CAMTech featured in BioSpectrum

CAMTech Director Elizabeth Bailey speaks to BioSpectrum about CAMTech’s efforts to accelerate medtech development in India. Read more

November CAMTech Pulse

New videos, featured innovators and upcoming events – the latest CAMTech Pulse is out now! Read more

CAMTech on

ETHealthWorld speaks to Elizabeth Bailey about CAMTech’s global health efforts in India. Read more

CAMTech in Financial Times

The Financial Times features CAMTech Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon and winners. Read more

CAMTech Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon Press Release

CAMTech introduces breakthrough solutions for diabetes epidemic in India. Read more

The Hindu promotes Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon

One of India’s largest dailies promotes the Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon at the Indian School of Business. Read more

Open Innovation Platform to Address Diabetes Epidemic in India

More than 200 participants expected at medical technology hack-a-thon to tackle diabetes healthcare challenges in India. Read more

Innovation Award Announced: Nyweza Wins Inaugural AB InBev Global Road Safety Prize

Nyweza is a low-cost device that makes motorcycle taxis – commonly called boda-bodas in Uganda and throughout East Africa where they are prevalent – safer. Read more

CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon and Co-Creation featured in The Observer

Hack-a-thon leads way in affordable health innovation. Read more

3rd Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon spurs global health innovation and co-creation

Mechanical suction, neonatal care and E-Health tools win top prizes in Mbarara. Read more

The Indian Practitioner features CAMTech INDIA Jugaadathon Winners

Family planning and telemedicine take top awards at Jugaadathon. Read more

CAMTech Diabetes Innovation Hack-a-thon featured in BioSpectrum

Hyderabad gears up for CAMTech’s diabetes hack-a-thon. Read more

CAMTech INDIA Jugaadathon Winners featured in Chemical Industy Digest

Family planning and telemedicine take top awards at Jugaadathon. Read more

Check out the 2nd edition of the CAMTech Pulse!

Jugaadathon recap and New CAMTech Initiatives! Read more

CAMTech Innovation Platform featured in India’s LiveMint

CAMTech sets up co-creation platform for medtech innovation. Read more

Family Planning and Telemedicine take top prizes at CAMTech INDIA Jugaad-a-thon

Check out all the event highlights from the CAMTech INDIA Jugaad-a-thon in Bangalore, India. Read more.