About our Platform

CAMTech Innovation Platform

The CAMTech Innovation Platform (CIP) addresses a critical gap in the medtech ecosystem by providing a network for innovators, mentors and investors. The unique needs of this network will be met through experts, investors, clinical opportunities, partners, resources and innovators. The CIP supports innovators in the transition from idea generation to scale-up by giving innovators a network to ask the right questions, learn from peers and stay on track.


The CIP provides users:


  • CAMTech Advance: a progress tracker on the CIP that moves ideas to commercialization and patient impact
  • New Interactive Tools: customized, smarter features to help assist teams in understanding the process to commercialization
  • Email Relay Systems: simpler, faster and private user communication
  • Redesigned Platform: blogging features for more continuous communication, redesigned pages for self-idenficiation of needs and information on how often other users can help
  • Archiving Capabilities: allows users to see current and updated innovations
  • “Like” and “Tag” Functions: helps teams and mentors share expertise
  • New Showcasing Capabilities: a progress tracking bar that guides teams to update profiles in order to be showcased on the CIP homepage, CAMTech website and CAMTech Pulse newsletter

Questions about the CIP? Contact Frank Santo, Program Manager, at: fsanto@mgh.harvard.edu