CAMTech Programs

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech)

Based at Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health, CAMTech is a global network of academic, clinical, corporate, government and non-profit partners, working together to drive health innovation around the world.

Collaborating across sectors and geographies, CAMTech identifies pressing clinical needs from the field, crowdsources innovative solutions, and accelerates the cycle from idea to patient impact. Read about our partnerships with CAMTech India and CAMTech Uganda.


Accelerating Innovation: CAMTech Accelerator Program

Virtual one-stop shop for innovator resources, access to variety of experts as well as other entrepreneurs


Catalyzing Innovation: CAMTech Hack-a-thons

Three-day open innovation event including a Challenge Summit and Hack-a-thon


Nurturing Innovation: Innovator Bootcamps

Intensive two-three-day working session connecting entrepreneurs to each other and mentors, building an ecosystem of innovation


Crowdsourcing Innovation: Innovation Awards

Utilizing the online CAMTech Innovation Platform (CIP), we issue online requests for proposals to source innovative solutions solving for local clinical challenges


The most pressing clinical challenges in low- and middle-income countries through

  • Clinical Summits
  • Clinical Site Visits
  • Clinical Partner Challenges

Innovation and technologies that tackle clinical challenges through

  • Medical Technology (medtech) Hack-a-thons
  • Innovation Awards
  • Technology Showcases

The most promising technologies while building local entrepreneurial capacity and medtech innovation ecosystem through

  • Co-Creation labs
  • CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP)
  • CAMTech Entrepreneur Bootcamps
  • CAMTech Online Innovation Platform (CIP)

What is a Clinical Summit?

What is a Clinical Summit?

The CAMTech Clinical Summit brings together physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, government and public health experts to identify pressing clinical needs and best practices in RMNCH care. This event serves as a pivotal activity to drive affordable medical technology innovation, including a “Technology Showcase” to preview early-stage and newly-marketed technologies that have the potential to improve healthcare.

What is a Clinical Site Visit?

What is a Clinical Site Visit ?

Clinical Site Visits provide immersion opportunities for innovators to experience clinical environments first-hand to promote out-of-the-box thinking.

During clinical site visits, participants are not only able to engage with the healthcare workers in the field, but are also able to witness the clinical challenges faced by caregivers and patients on a daily basis. Insights from the visits help inspire and motivate participants to tackle pressing clinical challenges during the subsequent 48-hour hack-a-thon.

What are Clinical Partner Challenges?

What are Clinical Partner Challenges?

CAMTech believes that the true motivation for innovation should begin from pressing clinical challenges in LMICs. Hence, CAMTech provides a robust platform to identify and prioritize clinical problems for technology innovation.In addition, CAMTech works closely with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to identify needs and provide deeper insights into clinical challenges from experienced practitioners.

Finally, CAMTech collaborates with clinical organizations that provide varied levels and specialties of healthcare in LMICs to discover pressing clinical needs. In adition to driving innovation, these clinical partners provide clinical venues to pilot and implement technologies generated through CAMTech initiatives.

What is a Hack-a-thon?

What is a Medtech Hack-a-thon ?

CAMTech’s Hack-a-thons crowd-source solutions for critical clinical challenges in underresourced settings and foster entrepreneurship in the medtech space. Medtech hack-a-thons are two-day events that bring together engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and end-users to develop disruptive innovations to improve health in LMICs. Hack-a-thons provide a platform for engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and end-users to come together to advance knowledge-sharing across disciplines and catalyze better innovations for resource-constrained settings.

Want to know more about hack-a-thons? Read the Hack FAQ guide here.

What Are Innovation Awards?

What are Innovation Awards ?

The CAMTech Innovation Awards are part of a growing portfolio of health technologies supported by CAMTech’s mission to build entrepreneurial capacity and accelerate medical technology innovation for LMICs. Awards provide one year of research, development and/or commercialization support to a research institution, NGO, or for-profit company. Through a competitive request for proposal process, CAMTech has generated a growing pipeline of technologies that have been evaluated across public health impact, technical innovation, and commercial viability.

What is a Technology Showcase?

What is a Technology Showcase?

The Technology Showcase provides an opportunity for both upcoming entrepreneurs as well as established healthcare companies to showcase their technological innovations to a diverse group of stakeholders (end-users, government officials and various multilaterals) and potential purchasers. These exhibitions often take place following the Clinical Summit and prior to the start of the Medtech Hack-a-thon.

What is a Co-Creation Lab?

What is a Co-Creation Lab?

Co-Creation Labs serve as entrepreneurial hubs for medtech innovators to spur technically-disruptive, clinically-impactful and commercially-viable technologies. They afford a physical space that brings together engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and end-users to develop life-saving medical technologies for LMICs. The Labs function as a workshop for these various users to have access to prototyping, fabrication and research tools, and medtech expertise across a global network. Globally, there is a strong call from the engineering, clinical, and entrepreneurial communities for a platform to develop and advance technologies that impact global health.

What is an Entrepreneur Bootcamp?

bootcampWhat is an Entrepreneur Bootcamp?

Entrepreneur Bootcamps are intensive trainings with interactive workshops, panels and pitching sessions on varying topics related to medical technology development and commercialization to help innovators de-risk health innovations for interested investors, acquirers, or purchasers.

What is a the CAMTech Accelerator Program?

What is the CAMTech Accelerator Program?

The CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP) is an initiative for CAMTech Innovation Platform users that provides robust support for early-stage global health technologies focused on improving health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries.

In addition to the existing expertise and resources provided through the CIP, CAP members receive additional support to accelerate the path to commercialization, including CAMTech Innovation Award milestone-based funding, CAP coaching and project management services to assist with product development and commercialization efforts, participation in the CAP Cohort, and customized expert match-making with CAMTech’s extensive global network of partners and collaborators.

What is the CAMTech Innovation Platform?

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What is the CAMTech Innovation Platform?

The CAMTech Innovation Platform (CIP) connects global health innovators with an extensive network of experts, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and end-users to accelerate the development and commercialization of impactful innovations.The CIP not only serves as a connection hub for innovators and experts, but will also be used as an integral tool in the CAMTech Accelerator program and/or Incubator offerings. CAMTech will utilize local partners and Co-Creation Labs to assist entrepreneurs in refining their business models and supporting product development to ensure the fastest path to commercialization and patient impact.